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 My thoughts are with Ro
 Article on a New OS
 John Gruber on Macromedia/Adobe merger
 Apple shouldn't censor the App Store
 B5: TLT wraps shooting (+ pics!)
 Learn NASM on OS X
 Webpagina Interrupta
 Cocoa ground rules
 Text adventure tricks for UI design
 NiftyFeatures 0.2
 Soeren on icons on menus
 Junkmail of the beast
 The Three Doctors
 We'll have to call it Tgr now...
 My Favorite Leopard Features
 How xTalk Syntax should be
 AngelTemplate 0.1 released!
 Myst V for Intel!
 Incredulity as an argument
 kqueue Fans, Rejoice!
 Drawing off-screen in Cocoa
 NSRectFill considered harmful
 Downtime on Friday
 Barcode scanning in a Mac app
 Odds and ends
 Really embarrassing...
 The vultures are circling ...
 Why HCI is in the stone age
 Stack backwards ... head hurts...
 Showing a popup menu in Cocoa
 Method Swizzling considered harmful
 Shovel 0.2 - Software Update for everyone!
 Nice C function pointer example
 Differences between the USA and Germany
 WindowFlipper sample
 Must be UI-drawing Week '08
 The Language Blog on Inuits and Snow
 TimeSaver 1.0.2 and AngelRecorder 1.0 released!
 Garbage collection, work of the devil?
 What in heaven's name ... ?
 Intel/PPC oddity
 Why I wouldn't use REALbasic
 NiftyFeatures and Shovel for MacPAD
 The best installer is one you don't use
 Very funny, Apple...
 My iBook is sick, too...
 Cocoa Text System everywhere...
 Thread 500 - remember you can be wrong
 Mmmmhhh ... SPAM :-)
 Will it blend?
 Workbench 0.4
 FreeCard - addendum
 What is an Outlet?
 Elgato at Macworld
 New Backend Running
 Runtime time!
 I'm going to WWDC 2006
 Happy Apple Bug Friday: Typos and unclear styling in 'Designing Network-Friendly Applications'
 ADHOC, day one
 At least there is symmetry
 Sorry for the downtime...
 Keep it Simple and ... Basic?
 Making Identity Theft Easier
 We're moving...
 CocoaBlogs has opened
 iBook disassembly
 Sweep away everything old and make it new...
 My ideal E-Mail app
 I want a typewriter
 Uli's 10:23 AM Law
 xTalk interview with Alain Farmer
 My E-Mail is sick...
 Dealing with it with Natural Language entry
 VoIP - Why it is a bad idea
 Sam, is 'Pronto' a real word?
 Become an Xcoder auf Deutsch!
 xTalk Interview with Dan Gelder
 I need a drool sponge. Badly!
 Half a century of history removed...
 Mmmmhhh... Käsesoße...
 MovieTheatre 0.1! (Sample code)
 Du bist Deutschland!
 Someone's been spamming
 LLVM tutorial
 Nice domain names
 Category or Delegate?
 We are *so* back ...!
 LateNightCocoa: Memory Management Podcast
 LowFat - zoomable UI
 Quote of the day...
 Learn C on the Mac is back!
 Podcasting to the point
 MacAtCamp -- wer geht hin?
 The Flashy Mill...
 Ridiculous Fish on messages to NIL
 UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument 0.4
 Uli's 6:28 AM Law
 How to Migrate Time Machine Backups to a Larger Disk
 UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument and UKProgressPanel warning
 Dating an Apple Developer...
 Shiny new office...
 G. I. Joe Sigma 6 and Legos...
 The move ends NOW
 Happy Apple Bug Friday: Safari Live HTML Editing
 We're a tourist attraction ...?!
 NSTextView on Late Night Cocoa
 Busy moving...
 The move starts... NOW.
 Masters of the Void book 4, UKSCTV 0.1.5
 Mac Mini rebuttal
 Uli's 9:39 PM Law
 Looking for the next Finder?
 Mike McCracken for a Views Framework
 Help save the Witchblade TV Show!
 How Method Names Can Bite You ...
 Broke your back?
 Apple vs. Think Secret
 Evening at Adler is out!
 Sex, Crime, 1984!
 Saying No in Software Design
 The Pen - A Technological Marvel
 Auto-completion bugs
 Installing from source code made easy!
 Oh, how glorious is Show-Business!
 SheepShaver - Classic for Intel Macs
 Web browser Exploit!
 DesktopCoverer 0.1
 Make my Logo Bigger Cream
 MacScare and Advertising Cocoa
 LibMallocDebug Tips
 Spam, Scams and Phishing
 UKLoginItemRegistry 0.1 released
 The iPad
 The iPhone Reality Show
 Buzzwords like Web 2.0
 Cold storage chart
 Boot-camping Windows on a Mac...
 Why calling scripts is usually a Bad Idea(tm)
 WWDC 2006 - The Beginning
 Why you should be careful in choosing domain names
 xTalk interpreters!
 When not to add a feature...
 Uli's Moose 3.5.4 released!
 Musings on Communication
 Let's talk about Coding Style
 Shovel 0.3.1 out!
 Happy Birthday ... Me.
 Uli's 4:53 PM Law
 Catholicism WOW!
 The sound of Stupidity...
 Verpack 0.4
 Matthew Thomas' Ubuntu thoughts
 They suggest we repair permissions ?!
 Oh iBook, where art thou...
 The Why of release and retain
 iPhone software to be regulated
 Some 'R is for Rocket' back in print!
 Usability Links
 Some people just can't admit they're in error...
 Time Travel as a Storytelling Device
 My sister started it!
 Geschichten-Bereich re-integriert
 Look-up tables for fun and profit
 LinkBack - OpenDoc is back?
 Hacks and Intel Macs
 Debugging memory on OS X
 I Love You - Toast
 The software awards scam
 Nobody loves Google...
 Mixed-language ambiguity
 UKCrashReporter 0.1
 WebSite Rules
 Quote of the Day
 Brushed metal got a kick in the...
 More MacHack Madness
 A moonbase in 2024!
 Thank you, Steve.
 Scott Knaster's xTalk interview is up!
 Review: The Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1)
 Masters of the Void: Now with Movies!
 Mike Zornek's Billable 1.0
 Leopard Tech Talk in Munich
 Removing transparency from NSImage
 Heise reports Mac Trojan
 Inference vs. Knowledge
 iTunesCantComplain released
 Building a loader...
 Kritik: Mabuse Heft 1-6 (Kreitz, Breitschuh, Dinter)
 Double click is a shortcut
 Missed me, honey?
 Plug-ins with Cocoa
 Reporting error lines in FLex
 Piano for Dummies
 Fun with Class-Dump
 You know you're a compiler writer when...
 Blog Categories
 Menu Bars and Multiple Apps
 Spaces revealed
 UKDistributedView 0.5.1 and UKFilePathView 0.1.1
 Late Night Cocoa Again!
 T-Mobile klaut mein Geld...
 Grokster P2P court decision
 NSOpenGLView and Interface Builder
 VerGIFte Seiten
 A minor gripe about mailing lists and thoughtless subscribers...
 The Doctor is back!!!
 Lineform - The new ClarisDraw
 Mac-GUI-Dev Mailing List
 John Siracusa has a blog!
 Uli's Life after Theatre...
 Write the next great adventure!
 WWDC Keynote
 The Rumor Mill
 The Heise Forum Decision - resolved!
 Uli's 11:06 PM Law
 Oh those Linguists...
 Uli's Moose 3.5.7 is out!
 Double Click Implementation Checklist
 Dune Prequel Series One
 Blog migration
 UKXattrMetadataStore 0.1, UKDockProgressIndicator 0.1, and lots more!
 An Old Mac as a Recording Device
 The MacSB Iron Coder Contest
 That Apple telephone...
 Nice ideas for a future HyperCard...
 WWDC 2006 predictions
 Cocoa Scriptability in practice
 Classes are objects, too!
 Oodles of great Programming Resources!
 UKCrashReporter 0.2 / UKFeedbackProvider 0.6
 CocoaHeads Muenchen diese Woche
 Less work through Xcode and shell scripts
 A hilarious sculpture prank
 Technonova on Intuitivity
 UKDistributedView 0.3.1
 Rapid Prototyping Games
 Automatic Software Updates - Making User and Developer Happy
 Shipley on Carbon vs. Cocoa
 Defensive Coding in Objective-C
 Uli's 11:30 AM Law
 SE-Radio and hiring programmers
 GUI Bloopers
 Web stores and Christmas Shopping
 I'm working on the backend...
 xTalk interview with Tom Pittman
 NiftyFeatures: UKUpdateChecker and UKFeedbackProvider
 Why the typecast in RB is broken
 Leopard Screenshots? ... Naah!
 Uli's Moose 3.5.5 released!
 It's never too late to have a happy Childhood
 Christmas Spammery 06
 phpBB as a mailing list
 CocoaHeads Munich February 2009
 Subverting your Mac (Addendum)
 Heterogeneous outline lists
 Movements on the SuperCard front
 iTunes now burns without asking
 My brain needs a new graphics card
 Dictionary reading for Laughing Squids - Demystified
 Letztes CocoaHeads-Treffen 2008
 Menu bars in and out of windows...
 Appcasting and Software Update
 Been a little busy...
 Star Trek, B5, Dark Skies and Stephen Hawking
 Thomas Tempelmann on file system speed on OS X
 Big Nerd Ranch Europe
 Writing good copy
 Disemvoweling and communities
 ProFont is still alive!
 Using Cocoa in SuperCompiler
 Nice Intel assembler text...
 Tied up in Bindings
 Ouch. Feet hurt. :-(
 The Pope's astronomer and creationism
 This caught me off-guard
 Just chillin'
 The new iTunes nano ... or whatever
 T-Mobile nervt mich
 Great movies and TV shows
 UKProgressPanel 0.2 released!
 Kritik: The Incredible Hulk (Vol. 3)
 The Pope is dead.
 Joyful Juggling
 Value Converter Released
 A fun couple days...
 Review: Batman Begins
 Tom Pittman on TinyBasic
 Word 6.0 *shudder*
 PCI vs. AGP graphics cards
 Myst for iPhone
 Oooh ... those wires! Those wires!
 The Anti-Mac
 Review: Witchblade (2001)
 Better Music through ground loop isolators
 Seapegasus: Troubleshooting Evolution
 I want one...
 xTalk interview with Scott Raney
 TrackStorer - Sync up your MP3 player more easily!
 Jeanne A. E. DeVoto on HyperCard, SuperCard and Revolution
 WWDC 2006 - Day Two
 Typesafe typecasts
 Enderle got it wrong...
 Timothy Isted wuvs CoreData
 Just had a release at work!
 Crash Reporting on iPhone
 Rain and other great things...
 Get A Mac Commercials
 xTalk Interview with Doug Simons
 There's a new hex editor in town
 I've added Comments!
 Uli's Moose 3.5.3 released
 My C Tutorial is up
 The Sinus Curve of Life
 Uli's 5:03 AM Law
 Slot-loading iBooks
 Stupidity Barrier
 More on App Store censorship
 Now supporting if-modified-since !
 MAS needs Testers!
 WindowFlipper for Tiger
 Best redesign placeholder EVER!
 Apple/Intel and 64-bit CPUs
 Apple Guide is returning to OS X
 Slight redesign, more Pix
 This feels distinctly... odd.
 How to become a games programmer on the Mac
 Server Maintenance June 5 2009
 Adobe developer speaks about Carbon 64-bit
 Doctor Who on German TV
 Hellp mee spel...?
 Oh god, aren't even the US safe???
 Gravenreuth sentenced
 Starting your own company
 Fruit vs. Obst
 Favorite error messages in Tiger
 Kleenex - the sign of independence
 Metadata across platforms
 Denkste: Stupid mistakes that we keep on making
 About those 9 'Kritik' postings...
 Old Composers and rm after seven
 Bynk: A "nice" Internet - never!
 Not doing your best can hurt...
 Bad User Interface Still Kills
 ASP and VBScript
 WinFS - worst marketing blah in ages...
 My Mouse can Program!
 I'll be at the online store...
 Adding lots of files to your Subversion Repository
 I'm mailing! And I can't shut up!
 The state of Desktop Linux... or so
 NSWorkspace launches in foreground
 We were pandemic first!
 UKCrashReporter 0.3
 German court against root-kits
 Some more Metadata info
 Hacking the Press - A point for usability in press kits
 Crash Reports Just got Smarter!
 Across-the-Room GUI
 Alerts and Note/Caution Icons
 Usability of newspaper address-change websites
 MacBook Air: Too many screws according to Japanese engineers
 Cyberzorn: Light Yellow Highlighted Text
 Helpful Xcode User Scripts
 ValueConverter 1.2
 Brent Simmons on OS X usability
 Why all those Flashlight apps do have a value...
 Joy of Tech: Keynote bashers
 Moving Cocoa from PPCMacs to IntelMacs
 Kimbro Staken: Handling URLs in Cocoa
 iPhone 3G contracts in Germany
 Amish and Technology
 Burn, baby burn, 700 Megabytes!
 Updated UliKit classes
 WWDC 2006 - Campus Bash
 Taking advantage of validateUserInterfaceItem
 Review: G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
 Surf through Sources!
 There's no step three !? *mad chuckle*
 Goodwin's Law - Updated
 Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.4 Intel compatibility
 I admit it: We Mac users are nuts...
 UKTurboExporter 0.1
 WWDC 2006 - Day One
 Clockwork (Racing Edition)
 Some Practical Tips for Cocoa Programming
 A pitfall with class reuse
 Talkative, chattering UI
 WWDC 2006 - Wrap up
 The NDA is dead! long live the ... err...
 CocoaHeads München: Xcode Tiefergelegt Folien
 What's a blogroll?
 Darwin Subverting your Mac
 There may be intermittent outages
 What you find when you visit web sites about patching MacOS X...
 MacHack is Over. I mean, really.
 Interview with Brian Molyneaux
 Activating PHP on MacOS X
 Installing SVNserve on Mac OS X
 FUD about resource forks on servers?
 Microsoft's now also copying Nintendo
 Hungarian Notation good, Exceptions bad?
 Ego surfing...
 Search for source code
 OMG!!!11! Ferretti is nuts!!!
 The Screaming Narwhal has Launched
 Debugging Assembler on Mac OS X
 Headaches further revelations
 Type until your fingers are bleeding...
 witness.is-a-geek.org back up
 Photoshop Splash Screens
 UKProgressPanel 0.1
 We're back
 Safe key-value-coding
 UKKQueue 0.3 is out!
 Review: X-Men 3
 Why News aren't
 Generating Machine Code at Runtime
 Jack Colvin and Joe Harnell are Dead!
 Clockwork, Rrracing Editionnn (cont'd)
 Movies: Catwoman and Scooby-Doo
 Why Aliases and Smart Folders won't change
 Seven Years of Giga
 CompileIt! released to the public
 Interesting Finder mock-up
 Redid the look again
 Flash with SWFMill and MTASC
 CocoaHeads Munich March 2009
 Subverting your Mac
 10.4.6 killed my ripple effect?
 Timac on Breakpoint conditions
 iCab goes WebKit
 GUI Improvements for Spotlight
 Carbon vs. Cocoa again...
 Shovel 0.3.2 released
 A handy trick for finding NSUserDefaults keys
 Tips & Tricks section reinstated!
 NSConference 2009
 John Gruber: The Iniquities of the Selfish
 Pimp my Mac
 Dr. Mabuse Rights Sold / Dr. Mabuse-Rechte verkauft!
 The Slime Recipe from Ghostbusters
 Customer threatening purchase...
 Kritik: Die 1000 Augen des Doktor Mabuse
 GNUstep demo!
 Why I'm not fat
 Search Engine, MLTE Pane and more
 Sparkling, Shiny URLs!
 Twentieth Anniversary stuff
 The Deadly Docwriter approach
 Mix it, Baby!
 Milking Mice with Rainer
 Whoa. Rain!
 Nice coding ambiguity
 Consistency and Uniqueness...
 The Woman who walked up the Escalator...
 Spinning wheel must go round...
 Wil Shipley and his Red Box
 Insidious Aspma dot Com WordPress Hack!
 Large Cocoa Projects
 Downtime for witness.is-a-geek.org
 How (not) to run hardware tests?
 Review: The Incredible Hulk - The Legend of the incredible Hulk
 Delete advertisements and text!
 Virus Drills
 Inform 7 (IF Language) is out!
 Why I won't Podcast
 Wanna buy a Collective Noun?
 Worth Reading - Classics
 Beauty in black, bluetones and orange...
 iBook disassembly - Third time's a charm
 CoreData and Ordered Objects
 Uli's 8:44:17 PM Law
 QuickTime 7.2 update problems
 More Search Boxes!
 Using DOM and JavaScript for dynamic Web UI
 Mewwy Cwistmas!
 A rather original IF idea
 AppleScripting Cocoa a little
 Moved some stuff
 Installing GNUstep on MacOS X
 One half restless, one half happy, third half confused
 UKSoundFileRecorder 0.1
 Aaron Ballmann: Passing on a va_list
 My Photoshop ate Opera!
 Interview with Kenneth Johnson at AICN
 Another Wil Shipley Interview
 Prototype-based programming - where Carbon beats Cocoa
 On the difficulty of writing safe web sites
 Können Sie auch altweiss?
 Doctor Who Reanimated!
 Either DRM or Interoperability
 Articles section reinstated!
 UKPrefsPanel, UKUpdateChecker and UKFeedbackProvider updated
 A wrong sense of entitlement
 They don't know when to stop
 ShadowCopy 0.1 released!
 Gruber on iPhone and OS X
 All you need to know about the Mac keyboard
 Installation and Uninstallation on MacOS X
 What we learned from CocoaDevHouse Munich
 Double-XX - a blast from the past
 Right and Wrong
 Marking the root of a function inheritance chain
 Fixed Width Layouts and Boring Words
 ZDNet can't look up APE...
 Will Eisner is dead
 An example debugging session
 Chinese and Input Methods
 USA Erklärt / USA Explained
 The ultimate text editor... *smirk*
 Captcha - thank the Christmas Spammers...
 Getting more out of Xcode with regular expression search
 The Soul of a Macintosh Program
 Spammers are at it again...
 Speeding Up Mail really works!
 Drawing between pixels with Wince
 Uli's 7:25 AM Law
 A great blonde joke
 HTML Exporter download link fixed
 UKSound and UKSystemSound
 Tablet Mac from OWC
 UKSpeechChannel 0.1 released
 NSCompositingOperation at a Glance
 NSMethodSignature and @encode
 Masters of the Void Rev. 4!
 Uli's 12:07 AM Law
 Just Ten minutes without a test
 Renaming your Mac's CPU
 Wenige Phishe schwimmen in dem See...
 A Theory Why we get Only One Button
 The Big Man...
 Playing with Objective C on Debian
 There's a new Resource Editor in town!
 Mommy, where do doodads come from?
 Uli's 1:24 AM Law
 The Dangers of DVCSes
 New Site Layout Installed
 Apple "Dull" commercial on German TV!
 Objective C 2.0
 Doktor Who im deutschen Fernsehen
 Going to WWDC 2007
 Pimp My Mac (cont'd.)
 Red Sweater Blog: Build your own damn HIG
 Porting to the Macintosh
 From Spoiler-junkie to happily surprised...
 Saving files correctly
 Mommy, can I have a MacBU lab ... ?
 Getting standard system icons in Cocoa
 Hyperbole to achieve usability...
 Data Loss Happens
 Consider me evacuated...
 URL shorteners are EVIL!
 Canada 0wnz!!!1!
 Ein Absurdes Werbe-Schnitt-Programm
 Spacing, boxes, and other layout things
 GNOME understands me
 CocoaHeads München im neuen Jahr
 Rounded Box Cocoa class
 Uli's 0:37 AM Law
 Rethinking the Finder...
 Interface Builder Palettes
 CocoaDevCentral's Quartz Article
 Folklore.org - The Movie!
 Several applications fighting for a type...
 PHP has killed Swatch beats?
 Get A Mac Spoof!
 I'll have to change the wallpaper...
 Masters of the Void C Tutorial finished!
 New Orleans and Microsoft
 Why from-scratch rewrites are bad
 Service guaranteed to stay available sporadically...
 Well, half of what I want...
 MAS is going open source!
 Clockwork Racing Edition - Completed!
 PC Keyboard on a Mac
 Superman on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
 Nice article on serial numbers
 How Mac OS X saves disk names...
 ValueConverter 1.1
 Aquatic Prime proof-of-concept crack
 Tabbed Browsing - Let's Stop Fixing Symptoms
 On the Bitchecker story
 Using other people's classes
 Review: Sherlock
 Stacks-Section: No more HQX
 Story in games
 MacBook Air
 UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument 0.3
 Debian - My First Serious Flirt with Linux
 Warum das Wort "Aufheben" in Dialogfenstern böse ist
 Panic is playing with Coda-Monkeys
 You know the eighties are over when...
 Dangerous NSTabViews...
 Blood Ties, EFC and other TV fare
 The xTalk Interviews begin!
 UKDistributedView 0.4, UKToolbarFactory
 Differences between the US and Germany (2)
 Moose 3.5.6 released
 Comment RSS feeds are here!
 So. Git.
 Sorry for the jumbled messages
 Shared Precompiled Headers considered harmful
 Project vs. Product
 Scripting the Moose to Twitter
 How to recognise me at WWDC 2006
 Kritik: Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (Fernsehfilm, R: Werner Klingler)
 CocoaHeads München
 Filie is no more...
 But you can't call a planet "Bob" !?
 Uli's 9:01 PM Law
 Star Trek XI thoughts
 The English-Likeness Monster ... or is it?
 So, how do you like our new server?
 Review: Stargate - The Movie (Director's Cut)
 Bookshelf, bookshelf, on the wall...
 Nifty Dashboard Widget for PHP coders!
 75tes Jubiläum des Raphael!
 Know thy target audience
 This is gorgeous... and nostalgic.
 UKDistributedView 0.3 released
 Will it blend: Chuck Norris
 New Moose Release!
 Who will make this Mac/PC parody?
 Hard Disk Problem
 UKDistributedView 0.5 released!
 Yes, Computers CAN be Funny!
 Quote of the Day: The Center of sun...
 Sandvox, Macworld'n stuff...
 Ship, Boat, Whatever...
 Funny thing about C parameter evaluation order...
 Uli's source code is on Github!
 Prague -- some more thoughts
 HTMLKit, maximised windows and the Workspace
 My first day at the office
 A Podcast on Podcasting...
 Rentzsch.com: Universally Unique Ulis
 Gravis - das nenne ich (Un-)Service
 Definition of User Interface
 Filie source code up again
 Weather Widget - How to fix it
 Gruber on Universal-Apple negotiations
 WWDC 08 predictions
 Please be patient...
 Rogue Amoeba: The Delicious Generation
 They're all so darned creative...
 When Multimedia was black and white
 An Introduction to SuperCompiler
 New site design!
 Lifecasters? WTF???
 Odd Post-WWDC 2009 Links
 Automatic censorship in practice
 Don't lie and don't embellish the truth
 Globals, instance variables, and Visual Studio
 Returning after hard disk issues
 My favorite action figure
 What I've been up to...
 WACOM pens stirring Cocoa...
 Freehand dead again...
 Stop doing that!
 Uli's Moose 3.5 released!
 Mondo cool site
 I'm suffering castration fear!
 GUI metrics
 Apple's Product Line
 Slab - my new Mini
 Kritik: Mabuses Kolonie (Norbert Jacques)
 Magicians, Music, Montreal
 Banana Software
 Software ideas up for grabs
 Uli's 11:51 AM Law
 More WWDC 2006 Student Experiences
 MAS - My own MAMP-like Subversion installation
 Search Field Usability
 What not to ask the homeless guy on the corner...
 Subversion and Custom folder icons
 Dennis Ritchie deceased
 Theatre lighting and sound experiences
 The Stupid 32 GB Pin
 Adding dates to the RSS feeds
 Abusing Keynote for Animations
 Intel assembler on Mac OS X
 Why Everyone Needs Version Control
 Uli's 9:36 PM Law
 Kritik: The Incredible Hulk (3 VHS Box)
 Uli's Moose 3.5.1 released!
 WWDC 2007 Roundup
 Uli's 1:16 AM Law
 Zoomable Interfaces and Jef Raskin
 Shouldn't that be an apple?
 Use of CSS in spam mails...
 Nice article on pointers
 Neat tip about template images
 Breaking on ObjC exceptions - the objc_exception_throw breakpoint
 Redmond has started their Photocopiers...
 Sensible Defaults and Anticipating User Needs
 Ridiculous Fish: Our Arrays Aren't
 Embarrass thyself
 Delayed Perform in Cocoa
 April Fools
 Uli's 4:41 PM Law
 Class-Dump for Universal Binaries
 Spotlighting Removed Media
 Tipps zum Einkaufen und Essen
 Apple's new mouse
 Oooo... food for thoughts!
 Why I don't want to be Delicious - Beyond the Unboxing Experience
 Look and Feel Podcast launched
 Jens Alfke's coding suggestions
 Beheaded? ... oh you poor, poor pet!
 ULI I5 t3h h4rdw4r3 GURU!!!1!
 Uli has a job
 Installation without computers
 What?! 2003?? Already!
 UKFilePathView 0.1 released!
 But I like the new Mini...
 How to draw a comic...
 UKIdleTimer 0.1 released
 New xTalk interview with Heather Nagey
 NSConference '09
 Bad User Interface Kills
 Everything in Moderation...
 WWDC 2007 - The Day Before
 ESR on Media and blaming the Audience
 FreeCard - I can't believe it!
 UI in Browsers - two observations
 Shop till we drop...
 The 4400 worry about you...
 Tyler Vano on HyperCard, jsCard and more...
 John Dvorak's Predictions
 UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument 0.1.1, new article!
 Where did Classdump go? Ah! There!
 Custom Elements on WebKit Pages
 Mac History and "Folklore"
 Macwelt must be pretty desperate...
 Mail.app always asks for password on error?!
 How my Dock looks
 Blame Canada
 WWDC 2006 Keynote
 So, when will it be more secure?
 If GUIs could talk...
 Screen shots on the Mac
 Apple Bug Friday: Smart Folders in the Dock
 Browser Wars
 Get your SIT timetables, folks!
 Why the Proteron claim against Apple is false
 Don't validate your address forms!
 Gil Amelio's Legacy???
 The day of the deceased food...
 Who is this Mabuse guy?
 TeVee Stuph (two)
 Spatial vs. navigational file management
 200 Points of Light
 Tragic stories are good...
 Uli's 3:57 PM Law
 I want my creative whitespace ... sometimes.
 Not many fishes swimming in the sea...
 Goodbyes in Mannheim
 Habemus Papam
 Piano for Dummies (Part 2)
 Watch out! Uli has his own server!
 A couple of updates
 CARS: Apple Sues Itself by Accident!
 Geschichten-Sektion: Online Versionen mit Bildern
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Webpagina Interrupta

In recent weeks, I've occasionally come across articles at E-Week. E-Week has a very innovative way of presenting advertisements for other articles on similar topics: They simply insert a link to another article every other parapgraph.

This is really annoying. It interrupts my flow of reading in mid-article with vaguely related big blue text. On the other hand, once I've read the article, the link is scrolled out of view. This is simply stupid: In the middle of an article, at the point in time where I'm least likely to go somewhere else, they start a Monty Pythonesque SPAM song. And at the point in time where I'm most likely to be interested in similar articles, when I've read the article, they're nowhere to be found.

IMHO this is an example of annoying marketing that drives customers away instead of getting you more of them. So, please, when you design your web page, take into account the typical reading order of your visitors, and incorporate that into your design.

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