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Leopard Tech Talk in Munich

Just a short note that I'll be at the second Leopard Tech Talk in Munich on Feb. 5th. So, if anyone else here is going at that date, be sure to say "Hi". I may be wearing one of my Moose shirts again, if Andy doesn't give me something cooler to wear by then ;-) Sadly, most of my friends I've heard from so far will be at the talk this Monday, so I'm pretty much going to be there alone, it seems.

Feel free to leave a comment if you're attending.

Update: Okay, the Tech Talk is over, and it was pretty nice. Basically, a WWDC Lite held by two Apple employees. They covered the most important info, and you were able to ask questions and they did their best to answer them. I think I spotted one small mistake, but it probably was just confusingly phrased.

It was a nice refresher, but not really anything new for people who'd already been to WWDC. And no, they didn't tell us what the secret features will be either.

Thomas Tempelmann was there, and I talked to one or two other people, but really the whole thing didn't really encourage social interaction as much as I'd have wished. There were lunch breaks (free food!), but essentially everyone piled up in the stairwell while we opened the windows in the conference room to avoid a premature coma from oxygen deprivation. It was rather crammed and people sitting on the marble stairs... not really something to encourage conversation. Then again, I can't remember the names of the people I talked to :-S

I don't want to drag out the WWDC food debate again, but the food at the Tech Day was definitely good. They even had Backlaib. Real orange juice (well, I saw a Minute Maid box somewhere, but the juice we got in glasses still tasted just fine for me). It wasn't a four-course meal or anything, but no complaints from me.

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kusmi writes:
No worries :-) I'm also planning to come to Munich this Monday. I don't have special shirts, but I'm blonde and have a "strange" Swiss accent, should be easy to find ;-)
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