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Looking for the next Finder?

Some of you who know me a little better may be aware that I've been cursing about the MacOS X Finder almost since day one. If you don't, read this piece by John Siracusa:


he pretty much raises all the issues I had, plus a dozen ones that annoyed me but which I wasn't able to pin down. Anyway, for a while I've been looking for a decent replacement. I found 3DOSX, which has a great new metaphor, but is woefully underfeatured, and doesn't really do the "spatial" thing:


Then there's PathFinder, which adds loads of features, but basically only supports the metaphor that the OS X Finder already got right:


And of course, I also tried to write my own, which got me the basic feature set and then acquired some obscure, un-traceable bug that made it crash at startup and thus became more trouble than it was worth...

But now Bruce Horn, who co-developed the original Finder together with Steve Capps, is working on a program called iFile. An article at MacMinute gives some vague hints about it:


and there's a screen shot up at:


Now, there's not much to see there, but the man is making all the right comments. So, I'm really hoping he gets it right, or I will have to spend more of my unpaid spare time working on a Finder replacement.

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