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Boot-camping Windows on a Mac...

Okay, this is weird... Apple just made available a public beta of Boot Camp, a tool that lets you install Windows XP SP 2 on any Intel Mac. I sure hope this simply removes a burden for switchers and enterprise customers, because now they can buy Macs and install any OS they want on it.

I don't dare imagine what might happen if application developers suddenly start doing the OS/2 maneuver and go you can always install Windows on your Mac to run your software... that would suck.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth Less writes:
Dual-boot Windows-MacOS-Linux... *shiver* But.... Hmmm... Say.... how many of those cool programs that Windows has and MacOS might not get, do really need an internet connection to work? Because... If I was in that situation that some tools only run on Windows, I'd let Windows stay offline ("only an offline Windows is a good Windows") and *reboot* do online work, multimedia, www and mail only in MacOS (or whatever the OS with the least viruses will be at that time) and *reboot* programming in Linux ... The only problem would be a couple of online games that mostly run on Windows. But apart form that, my and S.J.'s cunning plan for pushing Windows out of the internet is getting along perrrfectly, and I can finally become a mighty Linux virus developer! Muhahahahah. >:-)
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