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Ouch. Feet hurt. :-(

Anyway, this was a great day. I was at the LinuxTag-convention in Karlsruhe and got to see lots of nifty things, and had some time for quick conversations with a few people involved in all that open source stuff. I even got to talk to some KDE and GNOME folks. No big names, but a lot more knowledgeable about that stuff than me, so who am I to complain. :-)

Apple also had a booth there and I got to see xCode. I was blown away. This is the first usable implementation of auto-completion I've seen come out of Apple, and it works both for C/C++ and Objective C. It works kind of like RealBasic, where you type the start of a word, and it finishes the word for you in grey. Hit tab to accept the suggestion, hit escape to ignore it, type on if you don't care.

The Targets/Files/Executables/Errors & Warnings lists have now been unified into a much more compact list, kind of like a Finder outline view. Everything looks a lot cleaner, more compact. In short: more Mac-like. Errors & Warnings now show up as Eclipse-like red Xes to the left of the line, and you can of course view them per-file or individually and all that stuff. I can't say much about speed, though, since I use a measily iBook at home, while they had a whopping fast G4 Powerbook. But it was *very* usable on the small 12" screen.

I didn't really get to look at Panther in any way (though we went to the Zoo, which is exactly next to the convention center, and got to see a Java Leopard, a Jaguar, a Cheetah and lots of other former Apple operating systems...). Apparently, the word on high is that they are not to demo this stuff yet, so I only got a peek at the new Panther title bar as an employee looked up something on his PB. I'm not sure I like the new look, but I'm growing weary of those pinstripes, so I'm positive about it.

One more zoo-related tag-line for the Germans among you: "Hinter Gittern: Der Pfauenknast" :-)

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