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MovieTheatre 0.1! (Sample code)

With the new UKKQueue, I actually posted a few other neat things that went by almost unnoticed. The cooler one of the two is a sample app I call MovieTheatre. It's a DVD player application written in Cocoa using Apple's DVDPlayback.framework (which was private in 10.3 "Panther", but apparently is now public in 10.4 "Tiger"). Most of the things that happen in MovieTheatre happen inside a UKDVDPlayerView class, which makes the whole thing very easily reusable. It also demonstrates my undocumented hack for changing the color of a brushed-metal window.

The second new item was actually a re-upload of an old one, but this time with source code. I'm talking about Verpack, my utility application for packaging up Xcode 1.x and Project Builder projects for distribution. Basically, it copies all needed files that you added to your project file, faithfully reproducing the directory hierarchy. It's not very polished, but if there's interest, let me know and I'll polish it some more.

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