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10.4.6 killed my ripple effect?

This is odd... I just noticed today that my dashboard widgets don't show the ripple effect anymore when I drop them on the screen. Anyone else notice that? The "flip over" effect still works flawlessly. This is on a Mac Mini Core Duo.

Update: It gets odder and odder (is that a word? ... errr... two?). I just dropped a new widget in Dashboard, and what do you know, the effect is back. It appears the ripple effect just doesn't show occasionally. Maybe it's keyed to CPU load or something equally smart, or it's a bug that was fixed by a restart or so...? scratches head

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
S�ren Kuklau writes:
The flip effect appears on any machine, whereas the ripple effect only appears if your machine has GPU-accelerated Core Image. What does System Profiler say regarding Core Image?
Florian Albrecht writes:
still works on my shiny new MacBook Pro...
Uli Kusterer replies:
The flip effect definitely doesn't appear on every machine... or at least it didn't on 10.4.0. My G4's Rage 128 didn't do the flip. When I upgraded it to a Radeon 9600 (or whatever the number was) I got both effects. And yes, my Mini's System Profiler says that Core Image was "supported" for its graphics chipset. Odd...
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