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The Slime Recipe from Ghostbusters

Thanks to Mark Boszko, who valiantly suffered through Sophia Teutschler's and my masquerading as various characters from Ghostbusters 2 on Twitter (natch), I now know how all that interesting slime in Ghostbusters was made:

The usual formula to create thirty-two gallons of slime, (...) was about eight cups of methocel to four-and-a-half cups of serapan. Then we would add about fifty ccs of red food coloring and thirty-two gallons of water.

Thanks Bobtiki for digging out that quote from your magazine collection ("Who could that masked stranger be?"). The interesting part is: This stuff is actually edible. Did I mention that I just love woodruff syrup? Now imagine using that instead of tasteless red food coloring ... Mmmmmm green sludge!

Now I only have to find twelve cups in a one-person household... hmmm...

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