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What we learned from CocoaDevHouse Munich

Today was the third CocoaDevHouse Munich, hosted by our great colleagues from Equinux. A lot of fun was had, a lot of food was eaten, a lot of drinks were drunken, and a lot was learned:

  • There may not be a phat pipe connecting Allach to the rest of the world (i.e. the Internet tubes), but to compensate, the breadsticks there are actually Baguettes, and you can take them home.
  • You can coerce CoreData into talking to shared databases on the internet, but you can't coerce it into a float. Project Wizards will throw in an ObjC clone of WebObjects, though, which does unspeakable (and unreadable) things to web sites.
  • When (former?) coding monkeys talk about the world, the distance to Leipzig is much more impressive than that to Switzerland, Great Britain or France.
  • Blue-Tec's localization suite can do a lot, but it won't turn Euro signs into Pound signs, as much as certain Englishmen with an affinity for Unicode may want them to.
  • Eating chocolate-glazed doughnuts filled with vanilla cream will make kind people pop up and suddenly give you a paper napkin, but theories whether this is to protect the floor, your fingers, or just generally people surrounding you hasn't been confirmed nor denied yet.
  • Björn Kriews symbolizes everything that is right about open source applications. And commercial applications. And he doesn't just symbolize, he backtraces, parses Mach-O images, filters debug output, and uses the screen zoom feature faster than anyone can watch.
  • Daniel Jalkut doesn't like the name of one company present at this year's CDH, but surprisingly he wasn't talking about Frankenware, which could be a bit misleading to Anglophones...
  • We could have had a great TV super-brawl between Equinux, Elgato and Meilenstein, but we didn't want to rent the Schrannenhalle for the re-match.
  • Germany isn't just behind the US technology-wise, MySQL here hasn't even noticed yet it's been bought by sun.
  • Never trust the user. No, wait ... Never trust the user's data! No, wait ... never trust the user's data if it came over the web. Oh, and although there are borders on the web, there can be no state.
  • If you need hot water for tea, ask Boinx, not Elgato.
  • French people may prefer having localized apps, but we prefer not localizing our apps to French.
  • Walid Maalej likes to watch what people are doing on their computers.
  • Even at computer geek meetings, the occasional woman may come out of a women's room. Moreover, she can even be a programmeress.
  • Patrick Stein has the license to Screen Recycler, and he'll share it with everyone over the internet, unless they're floating.
  • Beer doesn't improve Uli's attempts at funny bullet lists one bit.

(If there was anyone at CocoaDevHouse that I haven't insulted above, please take my sincere apology)

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Rafael Bugajewski writes:
Drinks were drunken, awesome! :)
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