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Oodles of great Programming Resources!

Not all of you may be aware of the incredible amount of learning material one can find at Scotty's Mac Developer Network.

If you like what you've seen here and you have a commute, like to go jogging or are planning a long ride somewhere and are looking for food for your iPod, the MacDevNet Podcasts are the best way to get more. I've been on several of Scotty's shows talking about things like Margins, Metrics and Mac Look-and-Feel, Working with Xcode and Memory Management on Late Night Cocoa, Customer Privacy on the MacSB Podcast for Indie Mac Developers, and on Leopard's features for Developers, Exceptions, Errors and handling thereof on the Mac Developer Roundtable, and all that is available for free.

On the paid part of the site, there's even a screencast about creating frameworks and all the gotchas involved available (by yours truly, natch, natch). This also contains a bunch of information that will be of interest to people doing plugin development.

Apart from all that stuff, there are other great episodes at the MacDevNet, like The Cocoa Text System, Creating Custom Views, NSResponder, Wolf's Hacking Cocoa two-parter, Using non-Cocoa APIs in Cocoa (e.g. Carbon, C, C++), Threaded Programming and Lockless threaded data structures... all done in interview- or roundtable-style discussions with experienced professional Mac developers like Marcus Zarra, WIl Shipley and Daniel Jalkut (just to name ones I've actually met and talked to once), and great teachers like the guys from Big Nerd Ranch (among them the author of the Cocoa textbook out there, Aaron Hillegass), the guys from Borkware and many, many more.

While most of this stuff is available for free, I recommend you go and support Scotty in one of two ways:

  1. Go and buy a membership for the Mac Developer Network, to help pay the bills, feed Scotty's children and make him able to produce more great Podcasts and Screencasts like that.
  2. If there's any programming topic or Cocoa API or small business topic you know inside-out, get in touch with Scotty and offer to do an episode of one of the podcasts, or a screencast if that suits the topic better.
If it gets sold on the site, Scotty will let you have a share of the revenue, otherwise you'll be happy knowing you helped some other programmers learn, just like MacDevNet will help you, and be happy you don't have to worry about paying for all the bandwidth, as Scotty has to.

Not convinced doing an episode is for you? Don't worry: Scotty is a great host, and will make you feel at ease with his easygoing nature, thoughtful questions and intricate knowledge of the subject you picked. He comes to the table well-prepared, and helps you when you've rambled yourself into a corner.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Patrick writes:
Thanks, this is very helpful for a beginning Cocoa wanna-be like myself. I found Scotty's Late Night Cocoa several months ago and am enjoying them greatly. I just listened to #30 Look and Feel on my drive down to Austin (Texas) - thanks for your participation in that show. I'm currenly between positions right now, so I'm not able to contribute financially to Mac Dev Net, but hope to be able to do so soon.
Or E-Mail Uli privately.

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