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Shop till we drop...

Whoa, busy day: My sister's visiting, and we did a last-minute hunt for presents through the city, and I met a former co-student from High School (she was working at the entrance to Zimmertheater http://www.zimmertheaterheidelberg.de/ ) - I'm ashamed to say that I'm not quite sure what her name was ... Christine? She graduated with me, but we didn't talk much. I also met two others from my old School, http://www.st-raphael-schule.de, there. The world really gets small at Christmas...

In the evening (about 8 o'clock) there was a High School reunion at the "Lager", which turned out really nice. 30 people showed up (and I got the e-mail addresses of 28 of them), and it was fun to see how they all had changed, yet still stayed the same. OK, Daniela left us quite a while before graduation, but she organized the whole shebang, so I think I can count her as well. She deserves it.

I probably lost a ton of weight then (is that even possible anymore???) from all the walking around and avoiding being run over by the waitress in the literally packed bar. Apparently there were several reunions there that day, and at the same bar, which means Ursula (who looked gorgeous) was attending two reunions at the same time, and I got to meet a couple of theatre buddies as well, in particular Eileen, Carmen and Miriam, and I also got to meet Gregor, Conny, Eva and Hanna from my youth group. And lots and lots and lots of other folks that I knew also were at my School.

That took till about 2 in the night, when I finally decided to call it a day and head back home. I whipped up a quick address list on my web site for the others and sent out a message so they know where to find it. That should be quite convenient to get something similar organized next year.

I don't even know why I'm even taking the time to write this at three in the morning. I should go to bed and then get a life, I guess...

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