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The Three Doctors

Just watching the Dr. Who serial The Three Doctors. Only on Dr. Who you get gems like:

That's why it's been left to me, me and me to figure this out.
I've got to confuse [that alien]. I wonder if I have a TV set somewhere around...?
and it's gorgeous to see the first three doctors where you can compare them against each other... though it's a little shocking to see how fantastic even just those 5 minutes of a weak and sickly William Hartnell are compared to the two others. Admittedly, they wrote those scenes for him, but the man had a stage presence that's impressive.

That's not to say the other two are bad in any way, but they're still in the shadow of an old man with all of five minutes of screen time. Somehow I hope that when the new series' last regeneration comes up (which would be the 13th doctor) they'll decide to go back to basics and pick a really good, older actor and reinstate some of his less-used character traits.

And did I mention it'd be fun if they brought back Susan Foreman and the totters' lane junk yard? But that's just the Whovian in me wishing for fanboyish treats :-)

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth Less writes:
I don't think they'll pick an elder actor (unless it's someone established like Sean Connery). ;-) If you want cheap&fast TV, you have to live with them choosing only what has the biggest impact on sales _today_, and not what will "last for generations of cineasts to come". MAYBE, if the (elder) Doctor gets a young hip teenager couple as permanent companions... </sarcasm>I believe in the 60s, no serious viewer would buy that a character is powerful and wise -- and therefor "cool" -- if he was below 30. Today it's the other way round...</sarcasm> Or rather, nowadays people want to see character development (i.e. young characters who learn from experience and win), as opposed to fully developed adult role-models.
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