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Look and Feel Podcast launched

You may have noticed that it's been so nice and quiet.

I certainly did. And you know me, I couldn't let that be.

So, Johannes Lechner and me decided to start a new Podcast. You may remember what I think about Podcasts. Sellout.

Where was I? Oh yes: The Podcast is called Look and Feel and it's about usability. Go there. Listen to it. Leave a comment.

this was such a nice and quiet planet...

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Scott writes:
You guys really ripped that app apart. At one point I started to feel bad for the Bodega team, until I realized just how helpful/valuable having such a detailed analysis of one's app is. I learned a ton about the process of critically analyzing a GUI-- thanks to both of you guys for your hard work. "Look and Feel" seems a bit like a GUI analogue of Wil Shippley's "pimp my code" blog series. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
Sylvain writes:
A loved this autopsy of La Bodega application. I hope that developpers will be inspired and learned to improve their app from what you said. Keep going! I'm waiting for the next release.
Scott Andrew writes:
Great job. I like how you started out by stating that its a great idea and that the app just needs polish. Then went right into where things were inconsistent and didn't behave as expected. Can't wait for the next one!! Keep up the great work
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