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Oh iBook, where art thou...

Thought I'd forgotten you? Naah. ("Damn.") Well, anyway, I got my iBook back last week, and it seems to work fine again. I wonder how long...
Anyway, that means I can finally continue that one program translation project I'm working on (i.e. doing a German version of the windows and buttons and all that), and I may get started on a complete rewrite of another one. None of the projects are what the casual visitor to this site may associate me with, though the translation is of a pretty well-known tool. Keep your fingers crossed that the 'book doesn't develop yet another issue.
There's also been another "Lioness" sighting yesterday (a short one), and a very surprising one today, when I went to watch a play at the theatre. Basically, she works there. I'd love to go on and on about this beauty, but since I never talked to her or anything, that seems like an impolite thing to do.
So, it's been a good day, and it's time to call it a day. Mr. Atkinson really wouldn't like me to fall asleep in his lecture tomorrow, and it's the best English practice I've had since I'm out of school -- not to mention that Softwaretechnik is a subject that's quite important for my exam ;-)

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