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UKTurboExporter 0.1

OK, so I had this Cocoa application I'm playing with, and it exports QuickTime movies using QTKit. And since it was kinda slow, I remembered that I had this little black Turbo.264 USB dongle that hardware accelerates QuickTime exports. So, I asked FDj at Elgato, and not long after I had all the information needed for a nice little Cocoa application that exports to H.264 using Turbo's hardware acceleration. Neat.

If you also want to add support for the Turbo.264 to your Cocoa application (or to an open source project, or whatever), I've uploaded the code to my Source Code Page, including the sources, Xcode 3 project and a built app.

OK, so rumour has it not everybody out there has a Turbo.264, so why would anyone else be interested in this code? Well, it demonstrates how to specify settings to a QuickTime component, how to export a QuickTime movie on a separate thread, and how to display a progress bar during this export.

It also contains some IOKit goodness that listens for the availability of the Turbo.264 device so the app can update its user interface accordingly. Chances are, this code could be modified to also notify you of other devices.

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