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Redmond has started their Photocopiers...

I usually try to keep the MS-bashing low on this blog, as I personally think that they're at least getting computing to the masses, and because I also understand that with the wide range of hardware MS have to support, they're bound to have issues, and with Apple's switch to IDE ages ago, we adopted the same master/slave annoyances when adding new hardware that we didn't have back in the SCSI days. But now, MS have set themselves up to have even me laugh at them:

MS invites you to check out their newest innovation

Problem is, this "innovation" is something that Apple added for 10.4 (and announced at least a year before that), and worse, it's something that existed as third-party software on lots of systems (and even for Windows) before that. If they had just said: "Hey, we're introducing a new feature." I wouldn't have minded, but they actually use the word "innovation". Pfft!

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Aaron Ballman writes:
The real innovation isn't the sidebar/dashboard/konfabulator crap. Personally, I hate that stuff. It's the "sideshow" stuff. It's basically applets that run on the lid of the laptop. Some can run while the laptop is "powered down" in a very low power mode. Those things are damn handy and cool. For example, I can access my outlook schedule without having to boot up the entire laptop. So if I get to the airport and need to know where my hotel is, I can just pull the lappy out of its case and look on the cover. It's innovative (i've never seen anyone else doing this sort of thing) and it's useful (unlike sidebar).
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