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FreeCard - I can't believe it!

I can't believe it! the FreeCard Guys just released a FreeCard Technology Preview (direct download link). It only runs special "FreeCard-format" stacks right now, but they say they're working on a converter. The Tech preview already contains some pre-converted stacks (Home, Color Tools and CompileIt!).

Best of all: It's a universal binary, as converted stacks will also run on your Intel Mac. Way cool. Though, does anyone else think the "Tools" palette is too big?

Update: The preview requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. I hope that gets backported later.

Update 2: Their site seems to be down, I'm mirroring the download file from here. And yeah, I got permission first.

Update 3: The site is back up. Looks like an old backup, though.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
J.P. writes:
Doesn't seem to do anything; I can't actually browse stacks. The Home "stack" seems to be a picture of the first card; nothing works... -- J.P.
Ruth Less writes:
J.P. looked through you. :-P So the joke was, that some file you sneakily glued together and uploaded in 5 minutes is not a Technology Preview (of what technology?), and that in fact FreeCard is still not ready for primetime yet, or what? And? Maybe I'm just the wrong target group to see what's so funny about jumping the gun on some poor little project's technology preview. ;-( Should have announced that you installed Windows on you Mac mini... Or that you cleaned up the mess in your room... Or that you converted these FreeCard guys to switch from Eclipse to NetBeans... THAT would have been funny. :-)
Uli Kusterer replies:
You're not expecting me to actually explain a joke to you, right? Just to clarify: The intention was not to poke fun at FreeCard. They're simply the most well-known project that still has a web-site to point at.
JM writes:
That's more than I've seen since HyperCard slowly languished. I still hope to see FreeCard or WildFire before my 150th birthday.
Uli Kusterer replies:
Just for posteriority, there's a follow-up on this one: http://zathras.de/angelweb/blog-freecard-technology-preview-addendum.htm
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