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Flash with SWFMill and MTASC

Durrrrn... A few days ago I made a major update to my article on using SWFMill, extending it to also cover integration with MTASC, and then I find I must have accidentally reverted the article. If anybody still happens to have a copy of the updated article, I'd be very thankful if you could e-mail it to me (click my name at the bottom of any page for contact info).

Okay, here's a condensed blurb repeating all of this so you don't have to search for it like I had to:

  • Don't use MTASC to replace code in the SWFMill-generated document. Create a new, otherwise empty classes.swf-file with MTASC and then include it from SWFMill just like any other clip.
  • You need a bit of dummy code somewhere in your main file that uses all classes that are only used by SWFMill-created objects. Just a function that is never called is okay. Otherwise MTASC will remove the classes, thinking they were unused.
  • Use the class attribute to the <clip ...>-tag to specify the MovieClip subclass that contains the code for a particular clip. Here, you specify the full package identifier for the class. Alternatively, you can call Object.registerClass("person", CPerson) (assuming the clip has name person and your class is named CPerson). You can assign the result of that call to a dummy static var of the class to make sure it's called before any other code in the class.
  • In resources.xml-file, be sure to add the <call object="Game" method="main" />-tag if you want your main function (that sets up some of the stage) to be called. Don't use the MTASC option.

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