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Consider me evacuated...

OK, today was... different.

It started innocently enough: I went to town shopping, as I needed a couple screwdrivers, as I can't borrow from my dad's extensive collection anymore. I also took the opportunity to buy a Leopard system disk for home, plus iLife '08, and I got some small putty knives because they were on sale and I still have that 250GB hard drive waiting to be put in my Mac mini. Since my Mac's internal HD went over Jordan last weekend, now's the best time.

But then, after I'd been at work a couple of hours, suddenly a police officer stood in the room and told us that they'd found a dud (aka "unexploded ordnance device", i.e. a bomb) in the demolition site right next to our office. I'd wondered why the workers had left even earlier than usual...

Anyway, they'd cordoned off pretty much the whole area for two blocks around us, so I got to take a leisurely walk around town, first towards Nymphenburg (i.e. out of Munich) then downArnulfstraße past Apple and the railway station, and only then back in the direction I actually need to go.

In German, the analogy would be: "to take the church around the town" ("mit der Kirche ums Dorf gehen").

Anyway, I'm home now, had a nice, refreshing walk, and I'll probably fix my Mini now, do an evening of installations and restarts, and hopefully there'll be an office to return to tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed... cuz I was hoping for something better from Stevenote-day than having to work on my Mini from home instead of that cool Mac Pro thingie they set me up with.

See, I knew that one would make you understand the severity of this situation ;-)

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Dan Gelder writes:
You're missing not by not charging for access to this blog, Uli...that one was better than gold. It was enough gold for TWO togas.
Ruth Less writes:
On new year's eve, some drunk guy lit a skyrocket (fireworks) on the ground about four meters away from us. He just stuck it into the meadow, not into a bottle... The ground was half-frozen, so the rocket just stuck to the ground... I noticed and stayed behind a low wall, but seems a lot of people around me didn't notice... So it went off on the ground. Well, nothing bad happened, except they all got startled, but man, even these small things do explode quite...explodingly!
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