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Shovel 0.2 - Software Update for everyone!

A new pre-release of my third party Software update clone is up! It will look for MacPAD-savvy applications on your hard disk and check whether they need to be updated, and if you wish it can even extract and install most of them.

I'd love to have your opinions, now that it will actually be able to install some apps. Get it on my applications page!

If you don't have any MacPAD-savvy apps, you can download the MacPAD SDK fromhttp://macpad.sourceforge.netand test it with that. You may want to change the version number in its Info.plist, though, to make sure MacPAD reports it as needing an update.

Oh, and Shovel has a working "Help" menu item with additional info, and supports a new MacPAD version 4 file format that is localizable. More on that soon, hopefully.

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