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Macintosh Applications

MacScare 1.3.3
SCARE is a clone of ADRIFT Runner, which lets you play adventure games stored in .TAF files. As opposed to ADRIFT Runner, which comes in two versions for ADRIFT 3.x and ADRIFT 4.x games, MacScare can play both versions and is based on Simon Baldwin's Unix SCARE.
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TADS Workbench for Macintosh 0.4
TADS Workbench for Macintosh contains everything you need to start developing Interactive Fiction using Mike Roberts' TADS Text Adventure Development System, wrapped in a nice Aqua GUI.

- The TADS 3 Compiler
- The complete TADS documentation, including tutorials
- The TADS adv3 library of objects
- Syntax colored Text Editor
- The command-line TADS 3 player so you can test your games at the click of a menu item.

Note: There is a bug in the text editor that may cause a crash when you start a new document with an empty line. Tread carefully until I've found a fix.
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TrackStorer 0.2
TrackStorer lets you copy the contents of your iTunes playlists to any MP3 player. Just specify your mounted USB stick in the Preferences, check the sounds you want and get going.

This is a pre-release version to get feedback. If you have an MP3 player this doesn't support yet (or only via one of the generic players), please get in touch with me so I can add it. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.

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Talking Moose 3.5.7
The talking Moose is a fun desktop diversion that sits in your dock, popping up from time to time to say one of hundreds of funny, witty, philosophical or simply odd phrases from time to time.

It watches as you work, comments on your actions and generally is annoying and endearing at the same time.
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Shovel 0.3.2
Shovel is a software update application that automatically searches your hard disk for applications and tries to determine whether there are updates available. It can even download and install most updates.

For an application to be picked up by Shovel, it must support the MacPAD standard of advertising update information.
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RunForestRun is a quick hack I threw together that allows defining system-wide shortcuts that launch any kind of file. This means that E.g. whenever you hit command-option-M it could start your mail application, or when you hit another keyboard combination it will bring your novel up in your text editor so you can continue writing it.

It has no user interface, but you can use a text editor or Apple's PropertyListEditor to edit its preferences file.
AngelTemplate 0.1
Preview of a small template editor I'm working on. This provides a slightly better GUI for editing custom binary files than if you had to mess with a Hex Editor. If you know ResEdit's and Resorcerer's 'TMPL' resources, it's pretty much that reimplemented with fancy OS X data types and Cocoa.

This is mainly of interest to developers. This is now a Universal Binary. Sorry, forgot to tick the checkbox.

Note that templates go in ~/Library/Application Support/AngelTemplate/Templates/, plugins go in ~/Library/Application Support/AngelTemplate/PlugIns/. I forgot to mention that in the docs.
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TimeSaver 1.0.4
This is a small freebie: A screen saver that shows the current time floating around the screen. Nothing very pretty or very involved, but I needed it, so I compiled it. Copyrighted FreeWare. Use and redistribute as you like, just don't claim you did it.

This update should fix the screen saver for multiple screens.
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ValueConverter 1.2
This small utility app can convert between various values and number bases that programmers commonly need:

- signed long long (8 bytes, decimal)
- unsigned long long (8 bytes, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary)
- signed long (4 bytes, decimal)
- unsigned long (4 bytes, decimal)
- signed/unsigned short (decimal)
- signed/unsigned byte (decimal)
- MacRoman/ISO Latin 1/UTF-8 characters (1 through 8)
- bit field (up to eight bytes as checkboxes)

The values can be viewed as big-endian and little-endian interpretation of the underlying bytes, and can be bitshifted by one bit at a time or several at once (see the Preferences).

This build has now been updated to also run on 10.5, not just on 10.6.
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AngelRecorder 1.0

A poor man's screen recording tool. And I mean POOR. There's no configuration, no polish, no sound recording.

To use it, simply open AngelRecorder. You can now type Command-F11 to start a recording. Type it again to stop it. It will play two sounds when it starts/stops recording (so you'll know when it's finished preparing or saving).

Saved recordings go in your Movies folder, with the name "screencapture.mov" (optionally with a number appended if a file of that name already exists).

AngelRecorder will draw a fake arrow cursor at the mouse location (it can't capture the real one).

This is FreeWare, use it, pass it on, just don't modify it or claim you did it.
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ForkSwap 1.0
A MacOS X command-line tool that swaps the data and resource forks of a file. This is useful if you have any of those new-fangled data-fork-resource-files and you're still stuck with a program like ResEdit that doesn't support those.
DesktopCoverer 0.1
DesktopCoverer is a simple tool that covers up your messy desktop with an empty window that is filled with the desktop picture, or alternatively one of several colours or any other picture you choose. This is handy if you need to take a pretty screen shot.
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Command Line Tools

MacScare-CLI 1.3.3
Scare is an clone of ADRIFT Runner. You can use it to run Interactive Fiction (Text Adventures) created with ADRIFT on your Mac. This is the command-line tool, for people who prefer that to a Mac GUI for playing text adventures.
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