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LateNightCocoa: Memory Management Podcast

I guess I should mention here that I recently got to speak on an episode of the Late Night Cocoa Podcast, a podcast that talks with programmers about Cocoa programming. Scotty has lots of interesting episodes there. I already mention my favorite, the one on the Cocoa Text System (i.e. NSTextView), and the one on NSResponder also taught me lots of new things and finally made me understand why we have NSException and NSError.

Mine is on memory management, i.e. pointers and all that stuff. I think it went fairly well, except for me talking way too slow and saying "angle brackets" instead of "square brackets".

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Rainer Brockerhoff writes:
Uli, I disagree with you on "way too slow". I was able to follow you perfectly (I suppose the slight German accent helped ;-)), which is not normally the case for me with podcasts. I've tried to listen to some other Late Night Cocoa stuff and usually everybody speaks too fast for me follow comfortably... Scotty is especially hard to understand. You even got him to slow down in some places! Extra points: you're one of the few people interviewed who speaks in complete logical sentences without any superfluous "uh"s and "you knows". That said, I don't think this sort of podcast is all that useful if you don't show some actual code while you're talking about it, unless the listener already knows the subject well.
Christian writes:
"... except for me talking way too slow ..." - I don't think so. Millions of people listen to LateNightCocoa and not everybody is a native English speaker (take me as an example). You did a great job.
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