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Delete advertisements and text!

One morning when I walked to the station and was still very tired, I felt sort of ... well, open is the best I can call it. I suppose it's similar to a very light form of autism: My filters weren't yet in place, and so all the writings, conversations of people around me and car noises seemed to be assaulting me. At that moment, I wished for a vacation spot where there is no writing, and lots of quiet. No advertisements, no honking cars, no rumbling trucks. Kind of like Rügen with all street signs taped over. Looks like some typography freaks had a similar idea.

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Ruth Less writes:
I like these photos (are they photoshopped?). This is probably why we like old pictures of cities that were not covered in ads. Once I saw a new tram without any ads on the outside -- suddenly it was a *tram*, not a billboard I force myself to ignore! I demand that the same white space design rules applying to (print and web) page design should apply to buildings and streets too!! :-D
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