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Use of CSS in spam mails...

I just got an interesting spam message. It's an HTML e-mail that uses the CSS "float" property to encode its spam. Essentially, the text of the message is written like:
B<span style="float: right">!</span>U<span style="float: right">l</span>Y
<span style="float: right">i</span> <span style="float: right">a</span>M
<span style="float: right">m</span>O<span style="float: right">-</span>R
<span style="float: right">e</span>E<span style="float: right">&nbsp;
</span> <span style="float: right">k</span>B<span style="float: right">n</span>E
<span style="float: right">u</span>E<span style="float: right">j</span>R!

Yes, you saw that right: This is two sentences intermingled by alternating characters from both messages and writing one backwards, then styling the backwards sentence's characters as float: right. The end result looks like the following:
B!UlYi aMmO-ReE  kBnEuEjR!

Anyone know whether there's a spam filter yet that can decode that and detect it as the text it actually contains?

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth Less writes:
You don't need to decode it. Just assume that someone who tags texts character-wise must have some fishy buisiness going on! Same as with setting the text color to the background color or using an above-avarage number of punctuation in HTML/text. Real people don't do that...
Justin writes:
I found the same thing today - I couldn't believe some ph4rma-spam made it to my inbox. I think Ruth has a good point - this much HTML for so few regular characters should raise a red flag.
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