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I'm going to WWDC 2006

This year, I realised it'd be my last chance to get a WWDC Student scholarship before I (hopefully) graduate. So, I put in a request for one and what do you know, I got it. Today I finished the travel arrangements (buying a flight, booking a bed, that sort of stuff). So, any of you who will be at WWDC, be sure to get in touch with me. I'll probably be wearing Talking Moose T-Shirts all conference long, so I should be easy to spot. Just go to the Moose-clad, short-haired German and say hello :-)

If you wanna meet up or have any tips for places I should be, sessions I shouldn't miss, speakers I'll want to listen to even if I miss lunch, there's a comment form below that'd love to hear from you :-)

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Aaron Ballman writes:
I wish I could meet you there, but I'm not going to be attending (we're sending a more appropriate engineer since I don't focus on Mac technologies). But I hope you have fun!
Rainer Brockerhoff writes:
Hallo Uli, I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting some tips on UKKQueue, which I started using this week... ;-)
Christian Machmeier writes:
Hey! Sehr cool, dass es geklappt hat. Ich w�nsch' dir nat�rlich viel Spass und hoffe, dass du fleissig Photos schiesst� ;)
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