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The Pope's astronomer and creationism

Just found an article in a blog about The Pope's Astronomer on Creationism and Papal Infallibility (can't seem to find the article anymore -- if any of you saw the link, feel free to remind me, I want to give credit). Those two quotes are of course not the full story, but they're a simplification that may help some people understand some of the more debated parts of Catholicism.

I expect more stuff like this to pop up in the world during the service of Pope Benedict XVI. He seems to be a man that is not just very well versed in the theory and core of Catholicism (after all, that was part of his job even back when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger), he also seems to be aware that now is the time to make people aware of it. To help them not just see the Church as tradition and transcendentalism and rituals, but rather to show them the thoughts and idea(l)s behind it.

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