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B5: TLT wraps shooting (+ pics!)

The Zocalo just posted this: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, a direct-to-DVD Babylon 5 sequel has just wrapped shooting. JMS himself has posted some photos from the set.

I'm not quite sure whether that's completely the end of shooting, though, because one comment from JMS says they're still looking to film some shorts, but this is good news. With all the recent false starts, it's nice to hear that there's new B5 fodder headed our way. There's still a lot of post-production to be done (effects, and looping, I'd guess), and of course it remains to be seen how good the show will be:

Legends of the Rangers was kind of underwhelming, with the strings that JMS was pulling clearly visible throughout the story, and the budget being obviously too low (Crusade already pushed the limits, but at least it had great writing). It seems TLT will have even more green-screen and CG work than previous shows, but on the other hand JMS wrote about how they're using more modern CG, redoing a lot and redesigning the sets in subtle and not-so-subtle ways based on original plans they were never able to realize, so I'm hoping for the best.

It's also great to see JMS looking a lot more relaxed and healthy now. Let's hope he'll be able to deliver on the promise that Crusade had, and which TNT never let us see. If it's on DVD, that's OK, too. I wanted to buy the DVDs anyway, so why should I wait for it to make its way through the TV channels?

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