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WWDC 2006 - Day Two

Okay, nice day so far. I attended several sessions, and met Scott Knaster and the guys from Boinx. I also went to the Lab to have someone help me with a problem I had cross-compiling Apache etc. for MAS. I still have to verify it completely (compiling Apache takes a while even if you're not on a 600MHz G3), but we found a fix, it seems. Incidentally, I also ran into Andrew Pontious and we had a nice talk.

Tonight we'll see the Apple Design Awards and stuff. So I'm not wasting time blogging more, I've got better things to do :-)

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Ruth Less writes:
Did you change anything in your blog? Unread entries are no longer marked unread in my feedreader. The reader has been claiming that you posted nothing new for a couple of days, but when I check, there is all that WWDC stuff whistling innocently.
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