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UKXattrMetadataStore 0.1, UKDockProgressIndicator 0.1, and lots more!

This night without sleep made me check my code and realise I had some stuff to upload. The smaller fish are an update to UKKQueue that prepares removal of old deprecated methods, improves the included FNSubscribe-based file watcher and makes notifications more usable, an update to UKDirectoryEnumerator that adds factory methods and a category on NSWorkspace that lets you also use all that FSCatalogInfo goodness on a single file and even change HFS file attributes, and a bugfix update to UKSpeechSynthesizer.

There's also two really new things: The UKXattrMetadataStore, a wrapper around Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"'s xattr API that lets you attach metadata to a file that moves with the file, and the UKDockProgressIndicator, a class that shows a progress bar overlaid over your dock icon.

Oh, and there's also a new release of Verpack, my handy application for packaging Xcode projects for distribution. It's a version that works with Xcode 2.2 files and a universal binary.

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