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Verpack 0.4

In addition to UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument 0.4, I just added another program (plus source code) to my source code page: Verpack.

Verpack is a little application that makes it easy to redistribute Xcode projects: Drop a project file on it and it will automatically go through the project's list of files and create a copy of all files (and of the project file itself), faithfully reproducing their relative directory hierarchy. Using this tool, you'll never forget to include that file that is needed for building again.

The new version also filters out .svn folders, .DS_Store files and XX.pbxuser and XX.mode2 files (the latter two contain user-specific data in Xcode projects). Also, for the first time I'm including the Verpack source code.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Peter Hosey writes:
I use svn export for the same purpose. With proper svn:ignore rules in place to keep out build, .DS_Store, *.pbxuser, etc., all those unwanted things are filtered out. I have a shell script that sets up all those rules.
Uli Kusterer replies:
Peter, care to share? :-)
julian writes:
quite nice utility! 2 things could be improved: � it should only filter out frameworks if they are located inside /System/Library/Frameworks � the destination where it writes the files should be asked for, i thought it didn't work...
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