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Scripting the Moose to Twitter

A guy named Richard Scott just blogged about scripting the Moose so it reads out your Twitter messages. For me it reads out all messages over and over again, which is kinda painful, but it's a nice start that'll have to be investigated further.

I know of several people who have set up mail filters to have the Talking Moose announce to them when a new message from a particular friend or family comes in, and I'm glad someone else found a way to use the Moose's scriptability, because yes, this is all done through the magic that is AppleScript. You can actually put arbitrary words in the Moose's mouth to have them spoken by a nice, animated fellow.

If anyone out there has additional suggestions for what the Moose could be used for, let me know. One possible use can be found in this XKCD comic.

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