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Ego surfing...

Mike recently used EgoSurf to generate some notoriety number. Here's mine:

Since this changes, let me make a note here, that of 2006-07-21, 10:42am it was 2424. Let's see how it develops. :-)

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Stephane writes:
Is is better to have a lower score or higher score? I tried it and scored 6993.
Aaron Ballman writes:
Heh, neat little site. My ego is 3642, so I guess that means I wear larger hats than you. :-P
Uli Kusterer writes:
I have no idea what the various numbers mean. On the first page (with the speedometer-type animation) I got an incredibly high number (somewhere in the 6000s), on the HTML and on subsequent calls to the same search I got a lower number, and since I posted it this morning the number has about halved. The progression of numbers looks as if I was burning karma at a vastly accelerated rate, or I'm on a steep rise to popularity ... no idea. Fun idea and plaything, though.
Aaron Ballman writes:
Heh, yeah, I put no stock in these gimmicks. But that doesn't make them any less fun to peek at. :-)
Ruth Less writes:
Hah, if bigger is better, I am naturally cooler than Uli: 2366 ("fair") today! *jumps up and down* :-P There seems to be a healthy amount of randomness involved on the side of the page owner however... "Egopoints now biodegrade. They have an atomic half-life"... Don't call the page to often and be happy with the first results, I think that's the message...
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