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Mmmmhhh ... SPAM :-)

You know folks, I know I should have started learning for my Software Engineering exam a little earlier ... maybe then I wouldn't have had that dream this morning, where I was looking at a program, a new game somebody had written, which basically was a train that you had to drive through the typical snowy landscape you get in all those snowboarding games.

Anyway, I had to run after the train to see where it was going (yes, I was in the game, don't ask me why, I don't make my dreams...). Suddenly, I accidentally brushed some dog poo on the way with my arm (that's the only realistic part -- if you did that here in Heidelberg, that'd probably happen as well...). Still with me?

Ok, I went to a small lake, trying to dip some leaves into the water to clean my sleeve, and it was ... well... crowded. Lots of weird fish, and Chameleons and insects and I-don't-know-what, pressing flat their noses against the water surface, and crowding where I was trying to dip in those leaves.

Luckily I woke then, one hour early with hardly any desire to get back to sleep. And in my inbox was a spam about septic tanks with the subject "Stop the nightmare!" and a sure-fire way to liquidify any kind of organic matter ("Take this, Chameleon!").

Talk about exam anxiety running amok...

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