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Big Nerd Ranch Europe

Big Nerd Ranch just opened a dependance in Europe, or more precisely in Frascati, Italy. Right now they only give PostgreSQL and Cocoa classes, but as with the original Nerd Ranch in Atlanta, USA, they have chosen an absolutely picturesque and luxurious location.

The Cocoa class is taught by none other than Aaron Hillegass, author of the seminal book on Cocoa programming. Boy, do I wish I could afford that. I guess I'll just have to encase myself in delusions of grandeur and pretend I already knew everything I could learn there and sit out in our back yard with a bottle of late vintage to pretend I was in Italy ... Why is that Cocoa Bindings documentation file staring at me in disbelief ... ?!

Update: Huh, funny. The contact phone number is in Bonn, Germany. Some of you may remember Bonn as the capital of West Germany in primordial times (i.e. before 1989), but it's not quite known for being even a tenth as picturesque as Frascati...

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