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Tablet Mac from OWC

Way back when I upgraded my trusty PowerMac G4, I did so via Other World Computing (aka OWC), who sell a lot of nice stuff like upgrade CPUs, RAM for old Macs, optical drives, and other neat supplies for people who can upgrade their Macs themselves (come to think of it, I think they even offer to put the stuff in, but I like to do such stuff myself to keep me from getting too software-centric). I was very happy with their service (they were very forthcoming, telling me what I'd need, determining the best shipping options, and the documentation was helpful as well), so I thought I'd mention that here and do a little good.

Anyway, Crazy Apple Rumors (of all sites...) just mentioned in one of their postings that OWC would soon announce a tablet Mac, and whaddaya know, that was actually one of the facts they used to back up their jokes!

This sounds like a really neat thing, and I can't wait to hear their full announcement. I'm a little worried that it'll be outside my price range, for one thing because it is a rather substantial mod that very likely requires them to buy a full MacBook and throw away some bits, but also considering they advertise it as having optional GPS and a shell of

Aircraft grade magnesium alloy for all terrain use

but that probably sounds more expensive than it is. And I'm not really in need of a new 'book yet, so by the time I need one, I can hopefully get the next-gen version and maybe some of the components will have gone down in price.

Still, Macworld sounds like there'll be some nice announcements. Let's just hope Apple aren't really doing the tablet PC, or OWC and Axiotron will be in a bit of a pickle...

Update: Well, the release happened, and while it's a nice machine, it's not for me. For one, it costs about twice as much as the regular MacBooks, and second there's no keyboard in it. So, I can see doctors and field service people falling in love with this thing, but I'm a programmer, the main thing I do is type, and a stylus won't do for that.

Still, a neat modification.

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