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Uli's 11:06 PM Law

If you get weird crashes that look suspiciously like some other Cocoa class (that should really be holding on to an object of your class) is releasing your object prematurely, and thus an access to one of your instance variables causes a crash because that's already been freed, check what protocols your class's superclass conforms to. Chances are, it conforms to NSCopying, NSMutableCopying or NSCoding and you silly sleepwalker forgot to override copyWithZone: or mutableCopyWithZone:.

Sometimes this mindless mistake also looks as if there were somehow two copies of your object, one valid, and one for which there was never a constructor called, and which thus has some invalid instance variables and behaves zombie-like, but neither NSZombie nor any of your other memory debug tricks really trigger for it.

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