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Masters of the Void Rev. 4!

I recently revised my Masters of the Void C tutorial for Mac users. It now uses Xcode from the start, but is still the same incremental, straightforward tutorial that introduces you to all the basics of programming in C, from which beginners should then be able to proceed to learning Objective C and Cocoa with one of the existing tutorials out there.

To celebrate this fourth revision of MotV, I've moved it out onto its own server mastersofthevoid.com. The old 3rd edition is currently still available on this web site, until I get around to redirect all the links and migrate the comments to the new pages.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Adi writes:
Hi. Thanks for the Tutorial. Really help me alot. I downloaded the pdf version but it was separated files. I took the liberty to do a version of my own pdf so that i can print it and use it as reference. I'm not planning on sharing it with anyone. Just want to let you know, if you need a better pdf version. Thanks for the awesome tutorial though!
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