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Returning after hard disk issues

If you're wondering why things have been kinda quiet over here ... well, you may already have read about one thing that kept me busy, where I've had my fingers in a lot of things.

The other, less fun thing was that my hard disk decided to develop some spontaneous corruption. And it was the slow, creeping kind, and in some of the OS files. And of course, my latest backup was from the day the system became unbootable, so I couldn't just boot over and clone the disk back in. And did I mention I forgot my system DVDs in Heidelberg? Well, anyway, I managed to borrow one from work (not quite easy, as you can only use Mac Mini System DVDs to get 10.4 on a Mac Mini, as the 10.4.0 install DVDs were made before the Intel switch, so it took me a while to locate the right set of discs). Anyway, the install worked, and now I'm shoveling files back.

So there, that's why I'm quiet (save for what amounts to link-blogging). There's also been some hiccups with the web server (I registered a couple new domain names, and someone apparently seized the opportunity to screw up some permissions on some files, e.g. making my dad's web site write-only and some image files, too...). I think I've caught all of them, but if you find some weirdness, I'd appreciate if you let me know.

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