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What?! 2003?? Already!

I know I didn't do a New Year's entry yet... so sue me. I haven't even written my Christmas cards yet, so you should feel honored that I'm writing this humble bit first.

I spent New Year's in Saarbrücken with my sister, where we visited a nice cozy bunch of co-students of hers. We had everything you'd need, which included doing this lead-pouring thing and the other thing where you set that cone of sugar on fire (for the life of me I can't even come up with the German words for them ...), and we also watched "Dinner for One", but for the first time it was as an MPEG movie clip on a beamer instead of on TV.

The ride back on January 1st was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that in Mannheim the "Lioness" got on the train once again. Quite a nice thing to happen at the beginning of the year.

Talking of the beauty, she also was on the train back with me tonight. She was in the same car as me. I sat a couple of seats behind her on the bus as well, and I'm not sure whether I should be happy that I had a valid excuse for looking at her while simply looking forward, or whether I should feel like a decrepit for staring at an unsuspecting person from behind with Don McLean ("Vincent", "American Pie") playing in my ears.

Well, apart from that it was hellishly cold outside, I ate over at Dennis' place again (They dropped a Pizza on the floor, which was a horrible shame), and it's kinda nice to have the opportunity to eat with fellow geeks and less noise than at Mensa.

Oh yeah, and my iBook seems to have an iffy connection to its screen -- which made the screen go darker and drop out completely occasionally... guess I'll have to make another call to AppleCare tomorrow.

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