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I just passed the halfway mark of theatre performances. As the last three performances are in one row, I'm staying in Mannheim with Dennis' former flatmates. It's really nice to be able to get up an hour later and to still be able to get in a nice slow breakfast before taking a leisurely stroll over to the lecture building. Not to mention not having to carry everything you may need in a backpack around with you all day long. And I don't mind the company either.

The performances so far were a mixed bag. The dress rehearsal went sufficiently well, with the exception of one scene where we got stuck. The premiere went just fine, and the second performance we really screwed up in places. We always managed to move on, but there were a few occasions where the audience just must have noticed. And a lot of these screw-ups were done by yours truly, except for one hilarious bit where the Prettiest Actress in the Play (tm) suddenly said "Entschuldigung!" when she messed up a sentence.

Yesterday was a little of a slow starter, but then it went 'click' and we really managed to get the thing going again. And that was what we celebrated later on. We partied till 2 in the night or so, first listening to Marla Glen songs, then dancing (sort of, it wasn't an orderly Waltz or anything like that), being segregated by the women (the notable exception here being Daniela and Katrin, and Rita and Verena occasionally came back to tend to their boyfriends), dancing on the scaffolding, singing ... it was fun.

I think Rene, Julia and I were the only ones who weren't completely drunk, though I was definitely tipsy and light-headed (yeah, I'm a cheap date ;-). Julia will probably let me know today how annoying I was, trying to strike up some conversation with "the only other person still sober", but hey...

Okay, now I'm gonna catch a few stray Zs before it's off to the next performance tonight.

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