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The day of the deceased food...

Today, I went to Dennis and his flatmates and we had Spaghetti together, talked lots of nonsense, and then we went to town to stock up the fridge for the day. On that occasion I also picked up my comics at Comicothek -- in particular Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and Uncanny X-Men. The latter looks like a pretty good candidate for cancellation, though. If you have anything to suggest that is somehow like X-Men used to be before the Age of Apocalypse, feel free to mail me. Anyway, they still came in pretty handy when Softwaretechnik turned out to be a little less than breathtaking today.

Talking of breathtaking, on the bus back, I also laid eyes upon "The Lioness". I don't know what her real name is, but she sat near the door in Bus 11, and she has this gorgeous face that has the features of a proud lioness, so that's what I call her right now. She takes the same train back as I do, so about once or twice a week, I have the pleasure of seeing her. I think I should take along a pencil and try to draw her one of these days. Yeah, I know, pathetic...

On another note, I met Jörg (from mojoblue.de -- click "music" and then the record cover for some short samples), and he brought me up to speed on what bands he's playing in right now. He and our pal Christoph are the ultimate Blues-Meisters, if you ask me. I once auditioned for singer in their band, but I just don't have a blues voice -- too little Alcohol and cigarettes, I guess ;-)

That's it for now, nothing interesting, but I gotta write something to try out my blog.

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