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Filie is no more...

I'm not sure how many noticed, but about 9 months ago, I opened my Filie project up to other developers, making it an open-source attempt to clone the Finder, due to all those problems browsing spatially with Finder X. I'm partially happy and partially sad to announce that I just sent out a message to the Filie Yahoo Group and added comments to the Filie page here on my site that Filie will no longer be developed. There are three reasons for this, in order of importance:

  1. The MacOS X 10.4 Finder. While it still has some annoyances, it doesn't forget what windows are metal browser windows and which ones are spatial windows anymore. As a result, I've found the annoyance has come down again to a level that I can bear. In fact, I haven't thought about working on Filie since I upgraded to 10.4.
  2. The low benefits of turning this into an open-source project. I started this open-source project simply because I knew I didn't have the time to do all of this alone. But so far, nobody has contributed to Filie. Well, okay, that would be unfair. John Siracusa submitted his numerous great suggestions, and I got a beautiful icon from Fjölnir Asgeirsson. And I received a glowing mail of thanks from one open-source project that will use UKDistView and maybe even some of the Filie code for their own project, which sadly has different goals and a different target platform than Filie.
  3. Filie's goal was to clone the Finder. The future of file management, IMHO lies in something 3D, something more like 3D-Space VFS. So, considering #1 and #2 have happened, the only direction to take Filie in would be the future, and that would be a fairly different beast. So I'd rather find an existing 3D filer project and help on that, than start another project and be the only one working on it.
So, to everyone who hoped Filie would become the cool Finder they wanted: I'm sorry. But don't worry Finder 10.4 has improved noticeably, and I'll keep filing bug reports and feature requests against it, and if you get a free ADC online account at Apple's Developer Site, you can also do that. And together, we can make sure Finder will be cool again.

And to everyone else: Anybody know a cool, spatial 3D file manager project that is still looking for developers? :-)

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