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Usability of newspaper address-change websites

So, preparing my move, one of the things I had to do was change my subscriptions of dead-tree stuff. So, I thought I'd do that online. NZZ was really easy. They even have a temporary forwarding feature that you can time-limit, and a flexible enough address field that there's no fear of not being able to get your address in it. They even had a separate field for the hotel or wherever you may be staying.

In addition, they sent you a very nicely formatted HTML e-mail (I never thought I'd say that). It had blue boxes around the addresses and duration of the redirect, plus some plain text and that's pretty much it. The important stuff emphasized, the rest simple. Love it.

Macwelt, on the other hand, didn't even have a second line for the address, so if you want your Macwelt delivered to your office with a c/o so it lands on your desk, your outta luck. The reply e-mail was just a generic "Thanks for your request". Guys, you can do better than that...

Anyone else out there wanna share their usability stories about web sites?

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