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On the Bitchecker story

Slashdot and other places recently ran a story about an idiot who came on IRC at StopHipHop.de (original German version here) and got annoyed over being kicked (which he hadn't been) and then threatened to hack the perpetrator.

Now comes the fun part: He asked the perceived perp for his IP, and was given the loopback address. Of course he subsequently hacked himself, got madder and madder, until he finally disappeared.

It's a really hilarious story, and I recommend you read it, however some things don't match up. For one thing, Bitchecker claims he was 26, then mentions he was taking German Major Course. Now, apart from his really horrible German, you usually take your Major Courses when you're about 18. 26 is about the age you graduate from University if you're going for a Diploma.

I don't usually think it's necessary to say this, but as with everything you read (and especially with everything you read on the 'net), take this with a grain of salt. And also consider the source: StopHipHop.de is a web site that makes fun of hip-hop music, exhibiting a holier-than-thou attitude against it because "it isn't music", supposedly. A story like this fits right into their image of the typical hip-hopper. [1]

Whether the entire thing was just staged as a clever piece of social engineering to push the site, or was actually real and this was a 15 year-old script-kiddie who just deleted daddy's files, or whether it was a stupid guy who just caught the wrong tense when talking about his past accomplishments, I don't know.

But really, who cares? When you get such a funny piece of writing, you're willing to believe this really happened. There are enough idiots in public and "anonymous" chat rooms, very likely amplified by the immediacy and hecticalness the chat window conveys, and just maybe this one really existed.

1) Disclaimer: I'm not a hip-hopper. I basically listen to all music that has a nice melody, which turns out to be a surprisingly big bunch of Folk music, along with lots of Rock and Blues, Ballads, and a sprinkle of Crossover. I also admit to a weakness for Country, Bach, The Barber of Sevilla, and the occasional Irish jig or reel.
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