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Odds and ends

Some interesting links I came across recently:

  • Q - A Mac wrapper around QEMU. I.e. a PC emulator for Mac a la SoftPC or VirtualPC. Still in development, and the Universal Binary still emulates the Intel CPU instead of using the built-in one, but a promising project to watch
  • XVG - A project that aims to create an open-source library for displaying and editing SVG vector graphics. I hope I'll soon have time to help out a little.
  • AppleRemote - Martin Kahr's source code for making your apps controllable by the remote control that is on the new Intel Macs. I already used it to create a small "long distance reader" application that lets me read text files at a huge typeface and scroll them from the comfort of my bed.
    Would be nice to have an extensible "launcher" for such applications, though... So I can hit the "menu" button to not just quit the reader but go back to the launcher and watch a movie or listen to music, then later get back to the reader or so.
That's that for now. See you around.

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