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The Pen - A Technological Marvel

Matt Gemmell wrote:

Itís fascinating to me that in my profession and with my personality, something as mundane as picking up a pen can incite such an emotional response. Thereís a deep and ancient truth in this simple instrument, and the barrel positively vibrates with it. My pen is a beautiful and utterly civilised island of sanity and control in the hubbub of this needlessly complicated life we all lead. If you havenít had occasion to really pick one up in a while, perhaps itís time you did.


Now compare that to just waking up at night, taking out your trusty and old watercolors and starting to paint. I'm usually a person who draws, because that way the translation between what I imagine and what ends up on the page is more direct. But sometimes, you just want a brush that twists at every turn and skews and changes the image.

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