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My iBook is sick, too...


You know, considering the mileage I got out of my G4, I'm really surprised how the G3 iBook seems to be trying to make more modern Macs look really bad. I got the iBook a little under a year after the G4, and had to send it in under warranty twice.

Then after warranty ran out, the screen's backlight gave in, it developed a broken screen connector and now, today, just after I'd installed Tiger on it, the hard disk gave up. I really had hoped I could keep using that little broken critter to serve witness.is-a-geek.org for a little while longer, but it appears I'll have to make room for taking apart another iBook soon. Well, practice makes perfect. Maybe I can find out how to make the screen work again or at least fix the screen connector so it's not half-yellow anymore.

I'm not going to get one of the rumored Intel-iBooks to replace that critter. After this experience I know that if I get a new notebook at all, I'm going to wait for the second or third generation so I know the worst kinks are out.

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