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WWDC Keynote

By now you've all read the WWDC keynote news, so I'll just do a short rundown:

Stacks: Likey. I guess that's something vaguely like "Piles", but it fits with my workflow of having the apps folder in the dock. The "Downloads" stack is a great extra. I hope it's easy to support in our apps.

New dock: Well, the reflections are great gratuitous eye-candy.

New menu bar: Will have to try. So far it looks like it's opaque enough to read something.

New Finder: Well, it's iTunes for files... A little underwhelmed, and it looks like they're just doing what Windows Explorer has been doing for ages... The cover flow thing seems to be using QuickLook, that's neat. Windows machine in the attic ... LOL. CoverFlow over the network... I don't have GBit Ethernet at home, so if they don't cache a lot this'll be as horrible as Finder's WebDAV mounts.

Back to my Mac: Sort of like DynDNS for everyone. Again, Apple simplifies what's already been out there.

Too many "boom"s ... someone behind me yelled "Bingo" :-)

Spaces: How does it decide who keeps playing sound and who doesn't? I.e. iTunes or EyeTV in the dock vs. a game or a movie in a window?

Phil Schiller: The first time he's been genuinely funny. Steve Ballmer "I want my Mac" LOL.

So, all in all, not too much revolutionary stuff, but it was OK.

Update: There's some really silly reports out there on what these things mean in detail. Obviously I can't comment which ones are true or wrong, but I'd just like to say you shouldn't get your hopes up. There seems to be a lot of people spreading silly junk and cackling gleefully at the gullibility of Mac news web sites.

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