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Timothy Isted wuvs CoreData

Timothy Isted has resurfaced from the depths of his guitar case, and has started on an all-out CoreData tutorial spree. Now, I'd love to tell you a lot about all the stuff he's written, but honestly, I haven't had much opportunity yet to play with CoreData, which means one half of this to me is black magic, the other is unknown, and the third is simply beyond my comprehension. Did I mention I suck at maths?

That said, he seems to be hell-bent on filling the holes in Apple's docs: There's stuff on multiple windows with CoreData, drag'n drop reordering (and just enforcing any order in CoreData involved a morning of research for me before I decided I'd just serialize an NSArray to a plist file and spend the afternoon in the sun instead), (ab)using multiple Managed Object Contexts to prepare data without it screwing up the main database until you're happy with it...

Lots of smart stuff, and he's even nice enough to include sample code. So, go there, comment, learn, and be fruitful... wait, wrong congregation.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth Less writes:
Right congregation: Be fruitful and do not divide by zero! PS: Does Timothy's middle name by any chance begin with a W? :-D
James Arnold writes:
Tim is great, but ummm what has a guitar case got to do with him, and no, his middle name does not begin with a w.
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