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Going to WWDC 2007

In short:

[Pictures of four Moose T-Shirts I'll be wearing at WWDC]

So, who else is going? And is anyone arriving early and would like to meet up for a pita and some programming (figuratively speaking -- I'd rather go and see some more of SF, and I don't know where I'd get a pita anyway...)?

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Peter Hosey writes:
I'm going. I think a bunch of us Adium developers are.
Uli Kusterer replies:
Kewl. Last year when I went as a student, there seemed to be half the Adium development team at the hostel with me :-)
Blake C. writes:
I'll be there. Maybe I'll recognize the top of your head from this pic :)
Uli Kusterer replies:
@Blake: Or you could just go the easy route and look for the T-Shirts :-p
Josh Monroe writes:
Uli, I got a scholarship again this year but am not able to attend. If any of my friends attend, I will have them look for your shirt. Are you staying at the HI Downtown Hostel?
Uli Kusterer replies:
Probably not. Since I have the great fortune of now having a job at a company that's sending me there, I'll probably get whatever hotel they choose for me. Still have to find out the details of that part.
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